If you feel you have good intuition and are attracted to the occult, I can teach and help hone your skills.

1.     Tarot Card Reading.

Duration: 10 Days Workshop

Insight into Tarot Card Reading plus meditation techniques to help connect to your Angels.

Complimentary: Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

2.     Magical Runes.

Duration: 3 Days Workshop

Covers Interpretation of Runes, Spreads and Meditation Techniques

Complimentary: Elder Futhark Runes

3.     Science of Numerology.

Duration: 9 Days Workshop

Detailed Notes and Insights in Calculations

4.     Spiritual Healing.

Duration: 3 Days Workshop

5.     Pendulum Prediction

Duration: 1 Day Workshop

Complimentary Pendulum

About Mallikaa

 view Tarot Cards as a tool to gain insight and wisdom.

Hi I am Mallikaa.

I am a graduate in economics and M.B.A in Marketing and Finance.

You must think this does not look like a tarot card reader's profile. Well, I worked in the corporate world extensively, but 10 years back i went through some life changing experiences which urged me to look for answers.

Ultimately I found them inside me. My search led to my inner intuition growing & developing by leaps & bounds. I could predict situations with uncanny results.

At the same time, Tarot cards attracted me and numbers called out to me. Thus began my journey into the world of the occult.

My aim is to consult & guide my clients towards their karmic life path, happiness & ultimate inner peace.

God bless. 

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